CSV Data Download Instructions

You can download data in CSV format from the Meter Logger using this page or by making requests directly.

NOTE: The scaling factors used on the website are not used in the downloaded data!

Download CSV

To download the CSV data for a selected month simply select a year and click on a month below.

Select the year:

Select the input and month:

Input 1 (Electricity)Input 2 (MIDDLE)Input 3 (RIGHT)
January January January
February February February
March March March
April April April
May May May
June June June
July July July
August August August
September September September
October October October
November November November
December December December

Developer Download CSV

To make it easy for software developers to download data to their applications it is possible to download a CSV file containing the following data.

To download this data you simply need to use a URL as follows:

Pulse 1 - http://{Logger IP}/csv_input1.csv?month={month}&year={year}
Pulse 2 - http://{Logger IP}/csv_input2.csv?month={month}&year={year}
Pulse 3 - http://{Logger IP}/csv_input3.csv?month={month}&year={year}

So if we wanted data from November 2011 we would do:

Pulse 1 -
Pulse 2 -
Pulse 3 -

The first row of the CSV is the headers of each column, each subsiquent row is a record. All rows are seperated by new lines.

Click here for an example CSV